History of Bonifay


In the late 1800's the city of Bonifay was known as Four Hills area.

The railroad was built in 1882. Around that time, G. W. Banfill came south from his home state of Wisconsin. He saw the potential for a town and of our country and named Waukesha street after his home town in Wisconsin. He is credited as being the founder of the city of Bonifay.

The city of Bonifay was named after Judge Frank Bonifay, an offical, an official of the railroad..



The first building on Waukesha street was the hotel Eureka built by G. W. Banfill. The Eureka was located on the east corner of Waukesha street and Pennsylvania avenue. Unfortunately the Eureka was torn down years ago. For many years, it was known for the good food served and as a popular gathering place for the citizens of Bonifay.




Bonifay was designated the country seat in 1905 after being in Cerro Gordo and Westville.

The first courthouse was built in 1907.

The first Mayor of the city of Bonifay was T. J. Dauthtrey in 1907.

The Holmes Country advertiser was established in 1907 by the W. D. Williams family. Today, it is still housed in the same building located on Virginia Avenue just off Waukesha Street.

In 1921, the Town of Bonifay officially was incorported as the city of Bonifay, enacated by the Legislature of the State of Florida.

Note Waukesha Street is also SR 79.